Etiya and Videotron are commemorated as Finalists in TM Forum’s Excellence Awards for his or her paintings with Helix!

The Videotron and Etiya Helix implementation has been selected as a finalist in the Beyond Connectivity class for his or her access “Yes! Digital Transformation plus 100% Cloud BSS for Helix”. The TM Forum case take a look at is available here:

The new Helix TV and Internet service went from a clean web page to finish implementation in nine months. At the coronary heart of this achievement become Etiya’s Digital Business Platform, a cloud-native complete stack that is pre-included into companion answers, and Videotron’s most important company structure venture. Etiya’s Digital Business Platform enables fast and powerful alterations. It is AI-pushed and cloud-primarily based, which minimizes CapEx, permits rapid implementation, and scales without difficulty.

Etiya’s customer courting control (CRM), product catalog, order control, billing, patron control, and API gateway are on AWS for Helix. The carrier additionally consists of additives of Etiya’s AI information analytics capabilities. TM Forum assets, consisting of Frameworx, Open APIs, and Business Capability Model, had been instrumental inside the achievement of Helix and Videotron’s digital transformation adventure.

TM Forum’s Excellence Awards apprehend the world’s leading organizations for their modern achievements spanning virtual transformation, enterprise and IT agility, consumer centricity, move-industry partnering and collaboration, and product and provider innovation. The awards additionally apprehend the groups making a widespread contribution to the acceleration of virtual transformation at some stage in the enterprise. Winners might be announced in the course of Digital Transformation World in October.

“Congratulations to the finalists for this yr’s prestigious Excellence Awards,” said Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum. “The entries selected through our impartial judging panel make an inspiring set of actual-international virtual transformation case research. The commercial enterprise results completed by way of this year’s finalists exhibit that real exchange is viable and underscore the crucial significance of collaboration and co-creation to the destiny of our enterprise.”

“We are honored to be named as a finalist for this prestigious award,” said Aslan Dogan, CEO of Etiya. “The achievement of the Helix implementation demonstrates how Etiya’s use of open standards and APIs plus Cloud can bring about fast time-to-cost, dramatically reduced capital charges, and a entire digital experience.”

The Arctic Biosystems facility is located some distance past the jurisdiction of the same old enforcement businesses, and the project is supposedly hush-hush — despite the fact that the CDC team carry a noisy mess of private issues with them. Team leader Alan Farragut (former Rocketeer Billy Campbell) has each his ex-spouse and a vivid young love interest in tow, at the same time as his brother Peter — who had a dalliance with Alan’s wife — is one of the initial sufferers on-site, even though he soon gets a stressful new rent of life.

Add a stony-faced, obstructive facility chief (the imposing Hiroyuki Sanada) and a covert unique ops dude along with his own agenda and the situation deteriorates earlier than you can say “gesundheit”. The commencing hours of Helix make it seem as if it’ll be a knowing exercising in claustrophobia and paranoia, stealing movements from that other snowbound classic The Thing. The base is all at once cut off from the outside international just as things start to break actually bad — the virus turns human beings into agitated, mucky-mouthed monsters who skip on the pathogen thru aggressive heavy petting. These infected are known as “vectors”, a attractive bit of biochem nomenclature that appears to exist simplest to influence viewers that they’re now not zombies. (They’re pretty a lot zombies.)

One of Helix’s conceits is that every episode chronicles any other day of the outbreak, however maximum of the writers seem against the idea of enforcing all that a whole lot order. So some distance, its hallmark has been an sudden warping of fact, to the extent that the credit consist of a chirpy bossa nova — the form of muzak you would possibly assume to hear in a lift — suddenly slowing into some thing some distance creepier. The maximum affable, immediately-speakme man or woman is killed very horribly and all of sudden, blood and viscera have sloshed anywhere and one of the first discoveries is a frozen lab animal graveyard that brings new that means to the phrase “Arctic monkeys”.

Hallucinations are one of the earliest symptoms of the mystery virus, so instead of Lost-style flashbacks, there are unsettling delusion sequences that recast characters in odd roles, often with an inappropriately delightful soundtrack. At instances, it feels like American Horror Story On Ice. Even the dullest, bathroom-wellknown facility corridors are shot from bizarre angles in an try to preserve visitors off-stability. If it wasn’t for Billy Campbell’s urgent, ever-whispered moral certitude, there wouldn’t be an awful lot to hold on to.

Helix is also starting to broaden its awareness past the Arctic Biosystems facility. The morally slippery soldier Balleseros — shish-kebabed by using an ice awl on the stop of episode 5 — is about to have a run-in with the locals who live near the base, even as there is also a looming incursion with the aid of its company backers, spearheaded by using geek catnip visitor superstar Jeri Ryan (previously of Star Trek: Voyager). There’s a sense of the broader international; a global it really is going to want saving.

With Ron Moore — the person who revivified Battlestar Galactica to such mind-blowing impact — serving as govt manufacturer, you have to wish there are even extra twists in Helix’s warped DNA tale to return. But if Billy Campbell and his exhausted crew felt unloved and isolated after simply five days on the pathogen-thwarting coalface, consider how they must feel now — one of the few locations greater desolate and inhospitable than the Arctic is the nighttime slot on Channel 5.

Have you been looking Helix? Is it worth catching? Let us understand.

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